Nortel targets 'services' to drive growth

Nortel President and CEO Mike Zafirovski has identified "services" as one of the key strategic areas to drive business momentum and growth. In that effort, Nortel is simplifying its services business and has organized into five key areas that can be bundled. The commercial offerings include IPTV Integration Services that provide a single point-of-contact for multi-vendor network design, lab certification, engineering, configuration and acceptance testing of IPTV services. Nortel has opened a new multi-vendor IPTV integration lab on its Ottawa campus. According to Nortel broadband networks GM Walt Megura, the integration of IPTV services within an IMS infrastructure will be a fundamental part of the vendor's IPTV strategy. Zafirovski has already made public that he wants a minimum of 20 percent market share in all segments that Nortel competes in and wants to be one of the top two vendors. This may be a positive step for Nortel, which has been behind Lucent and Ericsson in the services sector.

To learn more about Nortel's plans:
- read Nortel's press release

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