Northland Cable has a change of name; Comcasts sets story facts 'right'

> Figuring it's no longer just a video entertainment purveyor, Northland Cable Television is changing its name to Northland Communications. Headquartered in Seattle, the Northland part of the name continues to make sense but restricting it to cable TV for franchises in Alabama, California, North/South Carolina, Idaho and Washington just didn't seem as appropriate as it did when the company was founded in 1981. Story.

> Despite an FCC order and active lobbying by AT&T, it appears that San Diego Padres fans who want to catch the exploits of their local team this baseball season will have to subscribe to Cox Communications as the feds run through all the bases of trying to wrest the team--and other local programming--from the tight grasp of cable operators. Story

> There's always room to make things right. Comcast, which yesterday was associated as a partner with RightNetwork, says there's nothing to it and "We have no partnership with this venture and have no plans to launch or distribute the network," according to spokesperson Jennifer Khoury. Story.

> The Internet industry is capable of regulating itself if it just responds to consumer demands, BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker believes. "There is no ambiguity. The public is our regulator," he said. Story.