NTT supports IPv6 IPTV service

Japanese telco NTT has been probably the most vocal telco proponent of IPv6 adoption in the world, and the company had a somewhat overlooked announcement about the technology protocol earlier this month at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. With IPv4 addresses in increasingly short supply, the company showcased what it said is one of the most significant IPv6 projects thus far, and "the first, large-scale commercially successful application of IPTV service that runs over an IPv6 network," an NTT source told Network World. It's an IPTV broadcasting and video on-demand service in Japan called Hikari-TV, which has been running on NTT's IPv6-based, fiber-to-the-home network for the past 10 months. Many people expect IPv4 addresses to run out in about three years; NTT has been on a mission of public awareness to get carriers to adopt IPv6 before the last minute for the past 10 years.

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