O'Rielly to FCC: Don't put your head in the sand

In a speech to The Media Institute on Thursday, FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly compared the commission to an ostrich, suggesting the FCC is putting its head in the sand by not quickly reacting to market conditions and modifying antiquated rules that do not reflect new realities.

Michael O'Rielly, FCC

O'Rielly (Image source: FCC)

"I worry the FCC is desperately clinging to existing rules--rules that were written prior to the digital revolution, prior to Wi-Fi, and prior to the Internet," he said. "I would challenge anyone to look in the mirror and with a straight face say that we need to tighten the media ownership rules..." he said.

O'Rielly's not favor of forcing a la carte pricing saying the market is already reacting to that issue.

He also said the FCC should steer clear of retransmission consent reforms because the commission is "is ill-equipped to determine fair market rates."

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