Oki, Intel & Huashu debut STB for Chinese market

With nearly 24 million digital TV subscribers in China's nascent market, it doesn't take too much of an imagination to see that the potential for IPTV growth there is enormous. OKI and Intel have developed a new HD hybrid STB for Huashu Digital TV that can be used for HD broadcasts, VOD and future value-added option like 3D graphics, OKI says.
"The convergence of broadcasting and communication will create a new digital home market," said Keizo Ikeda, President of Media-network Appliance Company at OKI. "OKI believes the Next Generation Hybrid STB will enable subscribers to leverage value-added services and help telecom carriers improve their profitability."
Based on OKI video technologies and Intel's CE2110 media processor the Next Generation Hybrid STB can be used for both digital video broadcasting (DVB) and IPTV. It supports HDTV decoders including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264. The platform includes a 2D/3D graphic accelerator and supports applications including a Flash player, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and a browser.
OKI said the coming Summer Olympics in Beijing are expected to open China's market even further as the digitalization of cable TVs and the spread of IPTV drive the convergence of broadcast and telecommunications-based video services.

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