OnApp hits 60 locations worldwide with federated CDN concept

OnApp, operator of a federated content delivery network marketplace for service providers, said its presence has grown to about 60 locations globally in the last six months. OnApp argues that it can cut the investment required for service providers to get into the CDN game by giving them a marketplace in which they can buy and sell CDN bandwidth on demand at many CDN points-of-presence around the world.

The concept aims to help operators that end up with spare capacity as much as it looks to help others grow CDNs quickly without having to invest in their own infrastructure or resell bandwidth from another CDN player. At a time when it is notoriously difficult to make money in the CDN market on a scale to reinvest in new infrastructure, that might help some of the new operators gain some advantage as they try to grow large enough to take on Akamai and other giants of the CDN game.

The idea of a federated CDN marketplace is an interesting idea, though not one on which OnApp has necessarily cornered the market. One could certainly see similar plays as companies start to attempt some variations on the CDN concept, or non-CDN companies with data center assets to spare try to leverage them in a new way.

OnApp, based in London, launched in 2010, and in addition to OnApp CDN, it offers OnApp Cloud and OnApp Storage, a low-cost, high performance distributed SAN for cloud environments.


OnApp's CDN locations

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