Open IPTV Forum announces Profiles spec

The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) has published its Profiles specification for its Release 1 Solution, which is also being accompanied by a revision (Version 1.1) of its seven-volume Release 1 IPTV Solution specification, originally published last January, a statement from the OIPF reads. Release 1 focuses on end-to-end IPTV deployment in which any consumer device can "access enriched and personalised IPTV services either in a managed or a non-managed network."

Version 1.1 of Release 1 used feedback gained from early implementations to generate updates, clarifications and corrections from the previous release. The Profiles specification defines three implementation and deployment profiles. The Open Internet Profile supports "over-the-top" services; the Baseline Managed Profile supports scheduled and on-demand services using managed-network capabilities for content delivery; and the Enhanced Managed Profile provides native support for advanced converged services and networks via IMS and the Technical Reference-069 remote management standard.

IPTV implementations built according to Release 1 must comply with one of these profiles. The OIPF is hosting the OIPF Interoperability Event next month, at which early implementations and complaint gear are expected to be showcased.

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