Open IPTV Forum profile focuses on connected TVs

The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) has published a profile with changes applicable to the browser-based environments driving connected TVs and other devices. The report describes a common profile of the latest Web technologies expected to be implemented by manufacturers of connected TVs and other entertainment devices that access the Internet.

In particular, the profile takes into account changes that have been taking place within the HTML5 environment.

"Web standards have moved on since the first version of our specification was published in 2009. This work represents a broad update of our browser specification to be based on the new generation of Web specifications, not just HTML5 but also CSS3, DOM3 and a variety of other related technologies," said Jon Piesing of TP Vision, who served as the technical lead of the group that created the specification in a press release.

The organization noted that the new profile does not include extensions or modifications of any reference technologies that have already been defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It does, however, define a subset of specifications specifically targeted to support interoperability between entertainment services and connected TVs.

"This update should enable apps and services for connected TVs to be developed relying on the presence of a conferment and consistent set of up-to-date technologies (and) should make it easier to re-use tools and libraries developed for the Web when developing for connected TVs," Piesing added.

The new profile takes into account two trends: the browser has become the accepted platform for multi-screen media consumption and HTML5 is pretty much the de facto method to connect interoperable devices.

These two factors made it "important for the Open IPTV Forum to ensure that retail connected TVs and STBs, which have been the main focus of the OIPF since its founding, take advantage of HTML5 and the latest Web technologies," said Nilo Mitra, president of OIPF.

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