Optimum Lightpath aims new transport service at financial institutions

The plethora of financial institutions in its New York metro footprint make inviting targets for Optimum Lightpath's new low latency optical transport service, the company said in a news release. Optimum Lightpath is the business services division of Cablevision Systems.

The system builds on and complements Optimum Lightpath's previously announced 40 gigabit optical transport service and is aimed specifically at commercial customers who demand low latency and high bandwidth for finance, healthcare, media and government services.

Elsewhere in the increasingly competitive commercial services space, telecom giant AT&T said it would invest $1 billion this year "to scale its delivery of applications, mobility and cloud services for global companies" and, importantly for cable operators to note, to expand small business services within the U.S. AT&T said it is capitalizing on the ongoing shift from voice to data and video and particularly IP-based data and video.

For more:
- see this news release
- and check the AT&T release

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