Ovum: IPTV over FTTx set to make up for DSL stall

U.K.-based market research firm Ovum said growth of IPTV services over DSL infrastructures is stalling in several markets throughout the world, but that fiber-to-the-X designs are at the same time poised to offset the DSL stall and drive further growth in telco TV services overall. Some markets, such as the U.S., have of course already seen more of an IPTV-over-fiber push, and fewer IPTV-over-DSL deployments. Ovum also said that more telco TV players may go with broadband Internet-driven TV offerings or hybrid approaches in the future. The firm predicted telco TV subscriptions globally will "equate to around 15 percent of total consumer broadband connections, compared with just over 5% in 2008."

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