Packet Vision

Based: Reading, UK
Founded: 2004

Why it's fierce: What's so compelling about IPTV vs. traditional cable pay TV? First and foremost: Its ability to deliver targeted advertising. I think it's a mistake that most of the deployments here in the U.S. will not reap the benefits of targeted advertising from day one, but this will change in the coming year. And Packet Vision will be at the top of the list when that day comes, here's why: The boot-strapping start-up launched two years ago and regardless of taking very little VC funding has combined all the functions necessary for highly targeted advertising—media server, splicer, playout router and management system--into a single, pizza-box style enclosure. Since the product has launched commercially, trials in Alaska have begun and other undisclosed trials in Europe are underway as well.

What to look for: PacketVision will sign numerous rural carriers in the U.S. and some smaller players in Europe during the course of the year, with at least one big deal by year-end.

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