Panhandle goes with Entone for HD IPTV

Oklahoma's Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc (PTCI), already an experienced IPTV carrier, is deploying new high-definition IPTV services with the help of Entone Communications. The vendor is supplying PTCI with its Hydra IP video gateway and Amulet HD IPTV receiver.

The telco, based in Guymon, Okla., serves parts of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. It wants to offer more advanced services, such as whole-home network applications, HDTV, on-screen caller ID and interactivity, without having to spend excessively to re-wire customer homes. PTCI has been in the IPTV business for at least six years and was among the first U.S. telcos to launch IPTV.

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