Partnerships broaden TiVo's horizons

DVR pioneer TiVo announced separate partnership with video-on-demand technology vendor SeaChange and middleware developer Alticast that, collectively should help TiVo enter cable TV and IPTV markets that it has barely dabbled in until now.

The SeaChange deal will put VoD search and download capabilities into TiVo DVRs. SeaChange's technology has been pretty popular with IPTV players and other service providers, so the partnership potentially introduces TiVo to a new array of customers. TiVo has had at least one notable telco partnership--with Windstream Communications--but otherwise has not delved too deeply into the wireline telco market.

The Alticast partnership will enable TiVo's DVR technology to be more integrated with cable TV set-top boxes, especially Tru2way STBs that support interactive functionality. Ultimately, the partnership's work should appeal to TV service providers who want to put fewer pieces of hardware in homes, but enrich the capabilities of what does get deployed, whether it's an STB, a highly-integrated, richly-featured TV or some other device--like a DVR.

TiVo has worked with some cable TV companies to support high-definition DVR services. While it also has been threatened for the last few years by a number of DVR competitors, including telcos and cable TV firms, and the emergence of new features and integration of DVR capabilities with new devices, it has managed to hold onto its image as one of the sector's top dogs.

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