Pirates of the Scottish moors, Virgin Media's after ye; the real reason cable TV was started

> When you think of pirates, you think of Somalia or the Caribbean, depending on how dark your thoughts go. But Scotland? Not really. Still, the word is that Virgin Media is using new encryption technology in Edinburgh to fight piracy. Story.

> In case anyone ever needs a reminder--and it was a long time ago--the whytewolf blog has offered a quick history explaining "the real reason cable TV was started." It's worth a short read. Blog.

> The juxtaposition was too refreshing to be unintentional. A story in the Calgary Herald is headlined: "Top-paid execs in Calgary include cable TV, fertilizer giants." Story.

> Zoom TV in India has launched an interactive music channel, ZoOm BoX, that lets users choose favorite songs via SMS messages. Story.

And finally... HBO's subscription on-demand service has arrived in London where On Demand Group and HBO announced a deal. News release.