Pole access rules get FCC attention in April; Bright House backhauls MetroPCS

Cable industry news from across the Web:

> The FCC will consider final rules for access to utility poles at its April meeting. Story.

> Bright House Networks has stepped into the lucrative cell backhaul business by giving MetroPCS access to its fiber-based Ethernet services. Story.

> The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) said it will use Neustar to provide the "infrastructure necessary to deliver live, digital broadcast TV content to various mobile video-enabled devices such as mobile phones and portable media players." News release.

> Meanwhile, GigaOM has reached back to the Sony Watchman to describe what broadcasters want to do with their mobile digital TV initiative. Story.

> House Republicans not surprisingly rejected an FCC-developed economic analysis of net neutrality rules. Story.

> CNN and other programming units are doing better than just fine, Time Warner CFO John Martin said at an analysts' conference. Story.

And finally... Broadcasters apparently won the day with the FCC when it comes to retransmission consent. Story.