Power lunch: Comcast's Roberts chows down with Obama

Comcast Chairman-CEO Brian Roberts was among five business leaders invited to a power lunch by President Obama as "part of an ongoing dialog with the business community about investing in our economic recovery and spurring private sector job creation," according to a White House statement to CNN.

Roberts, who took time out from trying to invest $30 billion or so in NBC Universal, was joined by Bob Iger, president-CEO of The Walt Disney Co. (which Roberts once tried to buy), Alan Mulally, president-CEO of Ford Motor Company, Patricia Woertz, president-CEO of Archer Daniels Midland, and Roger Ferguson, president-CEO of TIAA-CREF. There's no word whether Roberts tried to talk Obama into a triple play package with AnyRoom DVR between bites.

Meanwhile, speaking of Obama and investments, the president is expected today to announce close to $800 million in grants and loans in the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and Broadband Initiatives Program parts of the stimulus package. Mathematically speaking, these are the first awards in the second round of such grants.

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