Primus prepares IPTV launch

Australian ISP Primus is ready to launch its own IPTV service to deliver free-to-air channels, other paid channels--such as the Disney channel--and sports programming, Computerworld Australia reported.

The service will run over Primus' fiber-based broadband network, which is being used to service homes for Australia's much-ballyhooed National Broadband Network (NBN).

Primus CEO Tom Mazerski told Computerworld Australia his company already has fiber in all five of Australia's major central business districts and is enrolling customers even as the NBN continues to roll out. When that is completed, the Primus customers will be transferred over.

Australia, as you might or might not know, is something of an IPTV hotbed thanks to the NBN. FetchTV, a wholesale IPTV service provided to a Australian ISPs like iiNet, Adam Internet, TransACT, Internode and Optus, has the lion's share of IPTV customers in the country with only incumbent Telstra disdaining to play Fetch.

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