Programming: DirecTV, YES say OK; NBCU gets a 'Cloo'

Yankees fans everywhere are no doubt celebrating as if the franchise bought yet another World Series. The Yanks' broadcast network, YES Network, has reached an eleventh-hour agreement with DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) to prevent any disruption of the service even as the Bronx Bombers prepare for a series with the hated Boston Red Sox.

And, in news that's been slightly more subdued, SNY (Sports New York) continues to be off the air on Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) and, according to The New York Times "there appears to be little hope of a deal anytime soon. SNY is also talking to DirecTV and has extended its deadline to reach an agreement.

On another front, newly named NBCUniversal is going to give its Sleuth Channel a new name as well. According to an exclusive report from TV Guide Magazine, NBCU can't trademark Sleuth (or Clue) so it's renaming the channel CLOO. And those spelling freaks and spellcheckers be damned!

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