The NFL is the premier live event on television, but its ratings have been slipping—and now it's betting on a course correction with mobile streaming.

Is it possible that FX+ will morph into a true OTT play, available to anyone with an internet connection?

Didja announced the expansion of its live broadcast TV streaming app, LocalBTV, to streaming devices Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Comcast is almost out from under the conditions placed on its 2011 acquisition of NBCUniversal. But the DOJ is still keeping an eye on the company.

Facebook Watch is finally going global nearly a year after launching in the U.S.

Nickelodeon is launching NickSplat, its own streaming service featuring episodes from its catalog of live and animated series.

The FCC’s OIG has officially concluded that Ajit Pai didn’t play favorites with Sinclair during the review of its attempted Tribune acquisition.

In the past, YouTube has only allowed select partners to turn on non-skippable ads, but the option will be open to its entire YouTube Partner Program.