Based: Camarillo, CA
Founded: 1999

Why it's fierce: QoSMetrics has a quality of service analysis portfolio that can hold its own against the big names in the space, but the true differentiator that QoSMetrics brings to the table is its V-Factor product, which uses algorithms that maximize video quality through the entire chain of delivery right down to the end user. QoSMetrics says that V-Factor is the first true technology to provides specific delay, loss and jitter metrics and pinpoint accuracy to network performance impairments. QoSMetrics' customers read like a Who's Who of international leaders in the IPTV space: France Telecom, Orange, ChungHwa Telecom, NTT Communications and Portugal Telecom.

What to look for: Online multiplayer! Believe it or not, Pulse is hard at work on an expansion pack that will bring multiplayer over both Bluetooth and WiFi to Quake Mobile gamers. Also, Paul Trowe has something secret bubbling that may take the company in a whole new direction—Trowe's smart, fierce and best of all knows what makes a great gaming experience. Pulse is one to watch.

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