Real estate lobby calls for U-verse fire probe

A real estate lobby group has asked attorneys general from five states to investigate claims of fires from vaults associated with AT&T's U-verse IPTV service. The attorneys general are from states where the service has been deployed and follows reports last year of three fires allegedly caused by the batteries used in the vaults. In the third case it is alleged the explosion was so powerful the cabinet door, estimated to weigh 50 to 60 pounds, was blown off.  AT&T at first said it was a one-off problem, but later agreed to replace all 17,000 batteries.

"These large U-Verse cabinets have been proven to be hazardous from their early rollout stages," said Maria Kong, President of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers. "We cannot afford to take chances when it comes to the livelihood of residents who live near these boxes, or their property." She said sales of homes near AT&T vaults "will show a dramatic drop-off until their security is ensured," and that drop off will imperil the livelihood of real estate professionals.

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