RELEASE: IMAKE's OpenVision 4.2 includes release of targeted ad solution

IMAKE Releases Targeted Advertising for Video in OpenVision 4.2 Solution Suite for VOD and IPTV Open Standards-Based Solution Enables Cable Operators, Telecommunications Companies and Content Providers to Meet Growing Demand for On-Demand Content and Targeted Advertising BETHESDA, Md.--IMAKE Software & Services, Inc., is unveiling OpenVision® version 4.2, its newest generation of products for VOD and IPTV with a release of its highly touted targeted advertising solution, Ad Exchangeâ„¢. IMAKE’s Ad Exchange technology has been rigorously tested through the daily targeting of over 200 million banner advertisements. Now, IMAKE is proud to be releasing this product for Open Systems Cable, Telco and Content Providers as an on-demand and IPTV video ad insertion solution with Switched Digital Video ad insertion coming later in 2007. Ad Exchange operates within the current environments in one of two ways: 1) Inserting and appending ads onto content prior to distribution or; 2) loading onto the video servers and by dynamically targeting ads at playback based each session's parameters. In both cases, ads can be targeted based on content characteristics, rotation by dates and location. In the session based targeting, the ads can be targeted based on subscriber profile data and session context data (such as time of day). Ad Exchange has already been selected by a leading supplier of IPTV to deploy targeted advertising in 2007. In addition, multiple IPTV providers are bringing Ad Exchange into lab trials for production deployments in 2007. IMAKE’s newest release of OpenVision builds on years of unprecedented experience the company gained as part of 24/7 Real Media in the highly targeted internet advertising space. IMAKE is bringing this technology into the Video-On-Demand and IPTV environments. The Ad Exchange targeting engine supports content, context, demographic and subscriber based targeting rules. Subscriber targeting is enabled when Ad Exchange is used in conjunction with IMAKE’s OpenVision Subscriber Entitlement System. Using OpenVision, service providers can roll out new revenue-generating on-demand services and streamline the management of their advertising campaigns and targeted ad insertion. OpenVision 4.2 strategic advantages: Open Systems – Most vendors talk about ‘open systems,’ IMAKE guarantees it. Within Ad Exchange, IMAKE is compatible to the new DVS-629 protocols. Scalability – Unrivaled in the industry, the OpenVision Ad Exchange scales to millions of targeted advertisements per day. Superior Usability – Easy-to-use dashboard views and monitors are hardened by years of deployment with real operators, programmers and trafficking personnel. 4th Generation – Continuously benefit from IMAKE development, investment and innovation. Future Proofing – OpenVision performance exceeds the future growth and need metrics of the world’s largest on-demand providers. Deployable – OpenVision 4.2 will be available in the 1st Quarter of 2007. OpenVision 4.2 includes the following key features and highlights: Total Integrated BackOffice Suite provides; 1) Asset Management, 2) Session Resource Management, 3) Streaming Broadcast Management, 4) Ad Exchange, 5) Content Creation, 6) Pitcher/Catcher Solutions and 7) Entitlement / Subscriber Management Automation capabilities monitor the ingestion and distribution of advertisement assets, Reporting capabilities provide immediate at-a-glance access to advertisement campaign information, advertisement usage trends, and statistics. Ad campaign monitoring provides real-time system status information for details that include advertisement campaign performance, advertisement insertion response metrics. True targeted ad insertion – Based on proven technology that delivers 200 million ads per day in an IP Internet environment. Deliver targeted advertisements to targeted demographics (based on content, context and profile) while maintaining compliance with all privacy regulations. Local ad enabling – Ads can be inserted at the local level enabling service providers to capture broadcast TV channels and replace local timeslots with more targeted long and short form ads. Targeting rule enforcement – Adherence to targeting rules for both matching and repelling of advertisements such that adjacency restrictions are enforced. Regarding OpenVision, IMAKE’s Chairman and CEO Mark Schaszberger said, “Advertising within an on-demand environment and eventually a Switched Digital Video environment has reached a level within Digital Video to support a business model that can provide a true business value to operators and content providers. We’re excited to bring a solution to subscribers that will hopefully make their viewing of ‘targeted’ advertisements enjoyable and ultimately bring additional revenue opportunity to operators and content providers.” Because the OpenVision platform is based on open standards and not a proprietary architecture, it readily integrates with a wide variety of leading technology providers. These include encoders, navigation servers, billing systems, conditional access solutions, middleware, set-top boxes (STBs), video servers and navigation solutions from Motorola, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, NDS, Verimatrix, Widevine, Harmonic, Optibase, OpenTV,, Alticast, Amino, ADB, and Microsoft. Companies interested in seeing a demonstration of IMAKE’s OpenVision Solution Suite for VOD and IPTV can learn more by emailing [email protected], visiting IMAKE online at, or calling IMAKE at 301-896-9200. About IMAKE Software & Services, Inc. IMAKE is the major provider of open, intelligent solutions and integration services that enable the seamless delivery of broadband digital media, Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to cable television providers, telecommunications companies, and content providers. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, IMAKE solutions impact millions of users of broadband content across the United States. IMAKE, OpenVision and Ad Exchange are trademarks of IMAKE Software & Services, Inc. All other products and names are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.