RELEASE: IPTV testing market hits $52.2M in rev

Triple Play Service Offering Boosts the Growth of Cable TV Test Equipment Markets DUBLIN, Ireland--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: World Cable TV Test Equipment Markets to their offering. The new trend of converging video, voice, and data on the same system, also known as ‘triple play’, is proving to be a significant driver for cable TV (CATV) test equipment markets. While both cable operators and telecom operators (telco’s) are deploying triple play services in their product offerings, this technology is likely to have a higher impact on the CATV test equipment markets. This is because the demand for optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) is increasing largely with the growing uptake of high definition television (HDTV), Internet protocol-based television (IPTV), fiber to the curb, home, and premise (FTTx) as well as other fiber-optic based technologies. This research service analyzes the global cable TV test equipment markets. This study provides detailed insights into the drivers for this market along with the challenges faced by vendors and recommendations to overcome them. Detailed revenue analyses along with a breakdown by size and market forecasts are also included. Further, the study also discusses emerging applications as well as their growth potential and analyzes the impact these applications have on long-term market growth. Additional Information Incorporation of Triple Play Service by Telco’s Challenges the Cables Operators in the CATV Test Equipment Markets As telecom operators increasingly offer triple play services, they are emerging as a potential threat to cable operators. Even though the telcos use different network architectures to deliver all their service packages, by delivering video services, they are entering the hardcore triple play sector thereby heightening the competitive environment in the CATV test equipment market. "However, quality of service (QoS), that is, quality of telephone, quality of video, quality of Internet traffic, and the quality of communication data traffic play a major role in determining the success or failure of these service offerings," says the analyst of this research service. "Therefore, it is essential for test vendors to develop skills to offer better services to the end users in a more efficient and economic manner." New Technologies like HDTV help overcome the Existence of the Gray Market "Although, the gray market does not exist for new technologies, used equipment still proves a hindrance to the growth of the CATV test equipment markets," notes the analyst. "However, this tendency is likely to reduce greatly with the emergence of new technologies and next-generation networks." Currently, the market is dominated by HDTV, which is likely to drive the growth of the CATV test equipment markets. As the market stabilizes with high-speed Internet and more bandwidth, the restraint imposed by the gray market is likely to subside and the communication industry is anticipated to be significantly exerted with new technologies. For more information visit Source: Frost & Sullivan