Report: Feds gave Comcast-NBCU merger conditional love

It's become really obvious Comcast's (Nasdaq: CMCSA) merger with NBC Universal was a deal forged in the hot cauldron of politics. The two prevailing political thoughts are (a) that the government went too far in putting conditions on the deal and should have left it alone; and (b) the government should have put more conditions on it.

Now comes an analysis from CNNMoney that says the government's condition-laden approval not only puts the feds' eyes on Comcast and how it deals with NBCU but "makes the government a micromanager of media deals."

Even so, the report says, the conditions laid on Comcast were not all that onerous and don't obviate the notion that "all kinds of bad things can happen when the owner of content also owns the means by which that content is distributed." As evidence, the article quotes Comcast vice president David Cohen--a mover and shaker in the deal--who said, "I don't think any of the conditions is particularly restrictive."

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