Report: IPTV to be fastest-growing pay-TV platform in Europe

European IPTV subscriptions will almost double in the next five years, giving IPTV operators a nearly 20 percent share in the pay-TV market, a new report says.

Currently, some 15.4 million households subscribe to IPTV, giving operators a 12 percent share of the pay-TV market. But Analysis Mason says those numbers will increase 92 percent--to some 29.6 million subscribers--by 2015, giving operators a 19 percent share.

The pay-TV market, like the mobile market, is growing increasingly competitive as it becomes saturated; there are fewer new subscribers available for a growing cadre of operators and competing platforms.

Analysis Mason said the industry took nearly a decade to acquire its 12 percent share, but said new next-generation networks would accelerate their growth, making it the fastest-growing pay-TV platform in Europe.

The firm said that although cable would maintain the largest base of subscribers, their share could decrease from its current 51 percent to 41 percent by 2015.

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