Report: Motorola eliminated video-related jobs

Multichannel News reported that Motorola has laid off about half of the 150 employees in its on-demand video group and about 10 of 26 employees in its switched digital video group. The moves, which occurred in the last month or so, appear to be part of the process of a plan Motorola announced last fall to cut about 3,000 jobs company-wide, though Motorola did not officially announce these latest moves. The on-demand video group was created from the acquisition of Broadbus Technologies about two years ago. The switched digital video group also works on home network technologies.

The areas affected by these cuts are broadly seen to be long-term future growth sectors, though the moves may not be all that surprising, given an impending industry downturn looming and Motorola's other well-documented challenges taking a toll on the company.

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- Multichannel News broke the news

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