Report: U.S. not a top ten IPTV market

This should come as no surprise: The U.S. is not one of the top ten markets for IPTV subscribers. IPTV subscribers from North America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa combined make up only 8 percent of the world's 2.7 million IPTV subscribers, according to Dittberner's most recent IPTV report. France tops the list of IPTV subscribers with an estimated 896,000. Following France are Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Morocco, Russia, the U.K. and Sweden, which has a mere 45,000 subs. One look at that list and its obvious that Western Europe leads the world with 68 percent of all IPTV subscribers. Asia claims 28 percent of the subscriber base. Competition will continue to drive IPTV uptake in Europe and the removal of regulatory hurdles in Japan should provide a boon for IPTV SPs there as well. Since AT&T is the U.S.'s only major launch of IPTV (Verizon, technically, doesn't count), Dittberner expects the U.S. to lag the rest of the world for some time.

For more on the Dittberner report:
- see this article from Telephony

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