Reports: YouTube may offer new movies as paid content

YouTube had to grow up eventually, didn't it? It could pretend, for a while at least, under the ownership of Internet titan Google that it was still all about "you," but the future is a pesky thing and keeps bugging for answers about sustainability. Several published reports are indicating that YouTube is in talks with Hollywood studios to begin offering rentals of "newer" movies as paid content. Just what the world needs--another pay movie provider. Apple, Netflix, Amazon and a multitude of pay TV/video-on-demand providers are already in that game.

To YouTube's advantage, it can bring a name and a rep to that market that is at least as well known as anyone else's, and perhaps could have more pull with a certain brand on Internet user. Also, its user base is gigantic. But, if paid content from Hollywood is the new attraction, maybe that name should be changed: NotYouTube? TheirTube? Or maybe two different brands--For-Profit YouTube and Non-Profit YouTube.

For more:
- The New York Times has this story

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