Research: 53 million IPTV subscribers next year

U.K. research firm Companies and Markets estimated that there will be 53 million IPTV subscribers worldwide in 2009 and reported total expected revenue of $38 billion from IPTV services next year. The report noted that the Asia-Pacific region will lead the world in subscriber growth, while China will be a particularly hot market. The research firm also reported consumer familiarity with IPTV is still low and cost continues to be the most significant factor in subscriber adoption.

There are, of course, many different projections for IPTV subscriber growth on the table. To compare the findings of this research with other recent statements, Point Topic recently reported that there are currently 15.5 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, and that the figure had doubled for two consecutive years. Elsewhere, ABI Research reported this year that there could be 93 million IPTV customers by 2013.

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