Retracing the birth of Go90: Engineers had to 'burn bridges' with set-tops and CE devices

In February, while addressing a team of engineers, many of whom had migrated from Intel as part of the OnCue purchase, Wallace Colyer, Verizon's VP of engineering, laid out his vision for Go90, the company's recently launched mobile video service. 

"Burn your old bridges," he told them, and stop thinking of set-top boxes and consumer electronics devices as the way consumers would access video content. Most importantly, he added, think of the target consumer -- self-involved Americans born between 1982 and 2000, a group of 83 million young adults we like to call millennials. 

In his latest special report for FierceWireless, editor Phil Goldstein traces the timeline for developing the groundbreaking Go90 service -- a product that the pay-TV industry is actively working to respond to. Article

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