RigNet, SnapTV collaborate to deliver IPTV to offshore drilling rigs

RigNet, a company that provides managed remote communications solutions to the oil and gas industry, is collaborating with Norway's SnapTV AS, a provider of IP-based TV entertainment on what could broadly be defined as a wide-ranging TV Everywhere offering.

The two companies are tapping each other's strength to manage a myriad of video entertainment and information and then deliver it using RigNet's remote communications capabilities and SnapTV's technology that manages media for bandwidth-restricted environments. The result will be a TV Everywhere offering for crews on the remote rigs that include audio and video infotainment applications, e-learning, digital signage, monitoring and surveillance and organizational communications, the two companies said in a press release.

"We are at the point in the oil and gas industry when media management systems, including those for crew welfare, are becoming more important (and) with SnapTV we can provide robust and flexible media systems to our customers," said Marcus Waters, global product manager for collaboration services at RigNet, in a joint release.

The goal of the collaboration is to "enable immediate access to infotainment and media management solutions," said Marcus, noting that the service will expand "to improve remote employee retention by fostering a more enjoyable, engaged and productive environment for oil and gas teams."

RigNet delivers fully managed voice and data networks and "more advanced applications" such as videoconferencing and real-time data services to remote sites in over 30 countries dealing with drilling and production, the company said.

RigNet is a synergistic partner for Oslo-based SnapTV, which specializes in delivering its own content to maritime and oil industries, said SnapTV CEO Harald Sorbo.

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