Rogers introduces 500 gigabit video recorder; Sigma reorganizes

> Rogers Communications is delivering more recording capability with a Cisco-built 500 gigabit hard drive PVR that can store up to 62 hours of HD or 280 hours of SD programming. Rogers is making the unit available for $599. A smaller 160 GB version costs $499 and will be available for retail beginning this summer in Ontario. Story.

> System-on-a-Chip provider Sigma Design has reorganized into two strategic business groups--the Media Processor Business Group and the Home Connectivity Business Group--to consolidate a spate of recent acquisitions and better serve a customer base of set-top box manufacturers and consumer electronics companies. News release.

> Save the date. Time Warner Cable will report its quarterly earnings April 29 with analysts generally predicting pretty good results. Story.

> Figuring European cable operators are especially interested in fiber deep technologies like RFoG, RFPON and GEPON, Aurora Networks will let it all hang out at the ANGA Cable Show in Germany this year. Release

> Ad Systems has completed the first of six installations of its digital media and video communications technology for ad insertion and streaming video with Bulldog Cable TV in Conifer, Ga., covering 24,000 TV households in fourth counties in the Macon DMA. News release.

> This may seem like it's coming out of left field, but political analysis site On Media is reporting that Comcast is working with RightNetwork, an organization On Media labels "right wing" and whose mission is to "entertain, engage and enlighten Americans who are looking for content that reflects and reinforces their perspective and worldview." Whatever that may be, apparently. Story.