Rogue satellite passes quietly into the night; Bulgarian telecom competition heats up

> Perhaps you were too engrossed in the final confusing episode of Lost to notice, but the sky didn't fall and that rogue satellite didn't disrupt cable television Sunday. Story.

> Bulgaria's becoming a telecommunications competition hotbed. Now the word is that Bulgarian telecom company Vivacom will offer TV as a competitive service to the country's cable operators. Story.

> Serbia is experiencing almost the opposite of Bulgaria. There, Telenor is negotiating with Serbia Broadband about leasing its cable network to offer fixed telephony. Story.

> Zito Media plans to nearly double its subscriber count by purchasing Galaxy Cable systems in Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas for an undisclosed amount. Story.

And finally... Mobile DTV--the broadcasters' last great hope to use their over-the-air spectrum and keep it out of the FCC's hands--made its debut at the Newseum where a Samsung representative said "it is like the old portable TVs that people used to use" but "with a much higher quality picture." Story.