Roku introduces TV sets: online video provider teams with TCL, Hisense

Roku has teamed up with TCL and Hisense to produce a variety of co-branded TV sets, and the company said the devices will be in stores in the U.S. and Canada this fall.

"It's a television that we have designed from the ground up," Roku CEO Anthony Wood told GigaOM.

Roku TV will be available via six different models and will enable consumers to access live TV as well as devices connected to other TV inputs, including gaming consoles. However, there won't be any actual integration with live TV: Roku TVs don't come with their own programming guide, and Wood told GigaOM there are "no immediate plans" to allow app developers to overlay their apps over live TV.

Roku streamed 1.7 billion hours of media last year, up 70 percent from the previous year and the company has sold almost 8 million of its Roku players in the United States.

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