In-room IPTV revenue up 150%, says iBAHN

In-room IPTV took off from October 2011 to December 2012 and iBAHN, a company that delivers services for the hospitality, meeting, conference and retail industries, benefited.

According to an iBAHN press release, the company's in-room IPTV offering, iMEDIA, generated a 150 percent increase in revenue for its hotel customers during the 14-month period by giving guests access to Internet content delivered in high definition directly to in-room TVs.

iBAHN said iMEDIA helps hoteliers and others in the hospitality industry regain revenues that are being lost as buy rates for in-room on demand movies decrease by giving guests options for more programming available on the Internet.

"JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek installed iBAHN's IPTV solution this year and we were able to turn our existing flat screen HDTVs into Internet-enabled TVs by adding iMEDIA," Jan Lucas, general manager of the facility, said in the press release. "This saved us from having to purchase smart televisions, and now we can offer our guests Web access via the TV."

The move also enhances guest satisfaction "as visitors can access the content they want, when they want it, via the iMEDIA open browsing experience on the TV," Lucas continued.

iBAHN said the Marriott experience is not isolated. Guests, accustomed to IPTV at home, have increasingly high expectations for the experience they will get when they are on the road.

"Using iMEDIA, guests can access their streaming subscription content on their in-room televisions, instead of having to watch it on their laptops or tablets," iBAHN said.

The company's hotel and resort clients understand that their guests are more demanding and this, in turn, shows up in increased acceptance of the iBAHN technology, said Roger Crellin, iBAHN's president of the Americas.

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