Ruckus patents video conversion scheme

Ruckus Wireless, the technology vendor whose name has become fairly synonymous with the IPTV-over-WiFi home network wiring model, has won European and U.S. patent recognition for a multicast-to-unicast transmission conversion concept that is key to successful IPTV distribution in the home.

The patented technology helps improve video quality over wireless by converting it to a separate unicast stream rather than having it be one service in an IP multicast whose quality could become degraded during times of bandwidth congestion.

The Industry Standard reports that the conversion scheme is similar to how other vendors support video on a WiFi system, but that Ruckus is not expected to wield its patents via lawsuits against competitors. Ruckus has within the last year begun to make a dent in the U.S. market with its technology--most recently gaining independent telco TV player Consolidated Communications as a customer--after winning many deployments in the European market.

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- The Industry Standard has this story

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