Rumor Mill: Apple TV to link up to U-Verse

While this report is still firmly rooted in the "rumor" category, its implications are worth noting: Engadget has it from a "well-connected source" that AT&T has inked a deal with Apple to sync Apple TV up with its U-Verse IPTV service. The circumstantial evidence surrounding this rumor is compelling: Apple and AT&T already have a close relationship thanks to the upcoming launch of the iPhone, which will be exclusive to AT&T subscribers for five years. Apple TV is also taking a beating in the blogosphere for not living up to the hype it once generated, which means the company would benefit from a strong service provider partner. Apple also just recently announced that Apple TV will make YouTube content available, which shows the company is inking similar deals with the heavy hitters of online video.

For more on Apple TV:
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