Rumor Mill: U-verse to ink deal with MobiTV?

Light Reading is running a speculative article on whether U-verse will team up with MobiTV to make good on its marketing promise to spread IPTV across the "three screens." While the LR piece is speculative, I am willing to bet the tie-up is a fact. The case is more than compelling:

  • AT&T is already a MobiTV partner for its HomeZone service.
  • AT&T-owned Cingular Wireless has used MobiTV for its mMode mobile services for 15 months now.
  • MobiTV is inarguably the market leader in the space.

MobiTV's director of marketing Jason Taylor said "The PC product and the mobile product would be our specialty, so we would probably skin those two services to mirror the branding of the [U-verse] service." Taylor coyly goes on: "Would we be the technology play while they would use their own content? That's kind of up for debate, but that's certainly up to AT&T... Either way, we are really pleased that we would be hosting that offering." If it wasn't true, he would have said "We would be really pleased..." Aha!

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