Rural telco co-op XIT taps RGB for IPTV upgrade

Rural telecommunications co-op XIT Communications has tapped network video processing specialist RGB Networks to transcode the programming XIT receives in the MPEG-2 format into MPEG-2/H.264 that its network can deliver to subscribers in six counties in Northwest Texas.

The deal allows XIT to expand its HD and SD channel lineup, helping it to stay ahead of its satellite competition, said Darrell Dennis, General Manager of XIT Communications. 

"Before RGB's VMG (Video Multiprocessing Gateway) we had to buy single rack unit transcoders that required frequent box upgrades whenever we wanted to add a new channel, which was clearly not cost-effective and limited our ability to expand our line-up. The VMG has solved these issues as its transcoding capabilities have significantly improved workflow and reduced the operational expenses associated with converting MPEG-2 to MPEG-4."

The VMG combines multiple video processing functions, including transcoding and ad insertion, with the ability to process over 400 video streams simultaneously. Performing multiple processing applications on so many video streams enables IPTV providers to simplify their network architecture and reduces per-stream processing costs, enabling faster and broader deployment of services with reduced complexity. The VMG uses a modular, carrier-class chassis with redundancy features to ensure delivery and scalable deployments.

As the majority of programming is still delivered to video service providers in MPEG-2, IPTV providers like XIT that use the more bandwidth-efficient MPEG-4/H.264 format must convert the programming they receive.

 "The need for cost-effective transcoding solutions is growing steadily as XIT and other service providers must simultaneously expand their services while keeping their operational expenses down," said Nabil Kanaan, Senior Director, Product Marketing for RGB Networks.  "The modular VMG is the ideal transcoding solution as it can easily scale to add more capacity and functionality without the operational costs and headaches associated with limited-capacity ‘pizza box' solutions."

XIT Communications, which has been operating 51 years, provides digital cable, high-speed Internet, home phone and mobile phone services to the residents of Dallam, Hartley, Oldham, Deaf Smith, Sherman and Moore counties in the Texas Panhandle. 

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