Ruwido's VEXO: The Apple iTV remote

After hearing some chatter about the Ruwido VEXO remote control being a doppelganger of Apple’s forthcoming iTV’s remote control, I found an industry source who confirmed that Apple’s iTV remote will look just like this:

(pic of the front view below)

VEXO is an echo of previous and current Apple products: stylish innovation with a minimalist design (not a single button) that puts it far outside the confines of your everyday remote control. Ruwido is in fact the leader of remote control manufacturers in Europe, but most of their products are unremarkable. The VEXO stands out.


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VEXO is a universal remote that has been designed to control upwards of 16 devices. VEXO offers a silver-colored key-coin made of aluminum, set in black, glossy polycarbonate glass—instead of the usual chaos of buttons. Rotating and pressing operations controlled by the thumb take care of all the actions. The back-lit display makes its self-sufficient in the dark. VEXO is marketed by stressing its “simplexity” a quality surely appropriate for any Apple-branded product. A complex, intelligent technology wrapped in the simplest of UI’s and casing.

VEXO, according to Ruwido, is a platform developed in anticipation of the interactive and Internet-based applications and devices of the future, which both apply to Apple’s iTV product.

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