Samsung successfully tests 'Smell-o-vision II' TV

Imagine being able to watch a movie and actually smell that beautiful apple orchard in bloom, those roses strewn across a table or the perfume in an ad for Chanel No. 5.

Get ready, because Samsung and the University of California just wrapped up a two-year test of just that--televisions with modules that can release scents associated with content being shown.

Their paper, An X-Y Addressable Matrix Odor-Releasing System Using an On-Off Switchable Device, says they were able to create up to 10,000 aromas with a device that used heating elements to diffuse the gasses.

Researches said the device could be made small enough to fit into mobile phones and tablets as well.

Some of you Baby Boomers will remember that Smell-o-Vision actually was used in some movie theaters in the 1950s, but it failed to take off.

Now, imagine Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs in 3D, HD and with the associated smells. Ah, progress.

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