SCTE, Comcast, Liberty using $10K prize to entice network adaptive power development

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Image: Pixabay

SCTE•ISBE announced that it is teaming with Comcast and Liberty Global on a new prize-based incentive program to spur universities, startups and other tech researchers to come up with new solutions for network power management. 

The “Adaptive Power Challenge” will be housed within the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Energy 2020 program. The Challenge will offer winners $10,000 prizes in two categories: “Established Enterprise” and "Breakthrough Organizations” such as labs, universities and startups. 

Entries will be judged by a panel representing Comcast, Liberty, Cox, Rogers, Shaw and Cablelabs, as well as representatives of SCTE•ISBE and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

The contest is open to commercial and academic developers, innovators, scientists and technology solutions providers. SCTE said it's particularly interested in solutions that address access networks and edge facilities, which it said account for up to 83% of operator energy consumption. 

For just 20,000 bucks in combined prize money, the program hopes to find solutions in three areas: Monitoring and measuring energy consumption and ambient conditions correlating quality and health of services with energy; the ability to implement “peak shaving” and functionality that results in load shedding; and supply and control—using the functionality of adaptive power DOCSIS-enabled devices to control consumption profiles and service quality dependent on energy supply. 

Entry is free, and applications can be submitted through Friday, June 29. Entries will be evaluated in the third quarter.