SCTE green lights eco-friendly cable initiative

Green has always been cable's favorite color; it is, after all, the color of money. The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), the cable industry's down-in-the-trenches organization of field techs, is pushing an initiative to show cable that another form of green--the eco-friendly kind--can be just as valuable.

SCTE launched the Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI) to show its member companies and the vendors who build their equipment that green is more than a left-wing politically correct fad; it's a way to make more money by extracting valuable metals in obsolete consumer electronics and headend equipment; re-calculating baseline energy use in remote and headquarters facilities; and finding ways to more efficiently operate fleets of maintenance vehicles usually driven by SCTE members.

Eco-green will be the color of the day when SCTE hosts a SEMI event at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia on April 7, said Mark Dzuban, SCTE's president-CEO. "When they saw the cost advantages of what we're doing, the awareness of solutions and us targeting very specific areas that made logical sense, the enthusiasm to do this was shown by great support."

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