Sezmi aims to redefine TV service models

For those of you who heard about Sezmi Corp. while walking around the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas last month, and didn't recognize the name, the company is actually video wholesaler Building B re-launched as an online video/broadcast/IPTV aggregator of sorts. After announcing initial partnerships with Sun Microsystems and Harris at NAB, Sezmi is now talking about further details of its FlexCast video distribution system. FlexCast leverages existing digital TV spectrum and home broadband connections such as DSL to deliver content to a Sezmi receiver, which also collects digital TV content, local broadcast content and other Internet-based content, stores all that content, and presents to users in organized, recommendation-based menus.

Some observers are calling Sezmi's approach confusing, while also calling it a competitive threat to cable TV and satellite TV companies. However, it is also a challenge to the strategies telcos have used to deploy IPTV, relying more on existing broadband conduits than new fiber investment. Sezmi also is trying to provide an answer to one of the key questions that next-generation TV service providers continue to struggle with-how to collect, maintain and present video content from as many sources as possible. It's now up to broadband service providers who haven't yet committed to massive TV investments to decide if it's the right answer.

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