ShambroWest goes global with cable TV network

Las Vegas-based ShambroWest is rolling the dice that it can build a worldwide a la carte broadband television network in "every language available worldwide." In a news release, the company said its GenosTV will provide subscribers "every cable and network channel in every language available worldwide" so subs can design and build their own channel lineups and "pay only for the channels they actually want."

The idea behind GenosTV is to provide a direct link between content providers and their audience "whether the content comes from major production houses or from GenosTV community members themselves." Even further, the Genos network will use what it calls CloudDVR to store every channel, including material created by subscribers, for up to 180 days, essentially creating a multi-million-hour DVR for its members.

There is, of course, a kicker to all of this. ShambroWest, which was founded by "serial entrepreneur" Rob Shambro, says that the Genos network "is currently seeking and evaluating technology partners with hardware, software and networking solutions (and) is seeking to license content from providers in every language and every geography around the world." Good luck with that.

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