Shaw backs down (somewhat) and raises data caps

Shaw Communications (NYSE: SJR), which tried to throttle Netflix's (Nasdaq: NFLX) impact on its Canadian operations by throttling bandwidth, has heard enough complaints that it's reversed course and doubled the size of caps on existing plans. The Canadian MSO/ISP also will introduce two new ultra speed packages--one with unlimited bandwidth--for those willing to pay the price.

Shaw issued a statement that it had "spent the last several months listening to many points of view from the lobbyists, the industry and most importantly our customers."

At the lower end of the scale, Shaw has doubled the caps for its Lite Speed service from 15 GB to 30 GB and its high-speed connection from 60 GB to 125 GB. The Extreme package moved from 100 GB to 250 GB.

Beginning sometime next month Shaw will also launch five new packages with still higher caps and in August it plans to launch two packages--priced at CAD $124.90 and CAD $144.90--with 1 TB and unlimited bandwidth. Perhaps as a hedge against Netflix, all of the new tiers will only be available via a bundle that includes TV service.

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