Shaw to use Verivue switch to expand VoD, HD offerings

Canadian cable operator Shaw Communications will deploy Verivue Inc.'s MDX 9200 Series media distribution switch to support to support the expansion of video on demand and high definition content to Shaw customers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

"The growth and popularity of video on demand service, along with the shift to high-definition content, creates a whole new set of challenges for cable operators like Shaw," Verivue Inc. CEO Jim Dolce said in a prepared statement. "The MDX 9200 provides the performance, scale and reliability Shaw needed to address these changing requirements, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership."

The MDX integrates servers, storage, networking and applications into a unified platform. Dolce said the product's modular design offers a alternative to racks of servers, hard disk drives, network adapters, cables and supporting LAN switches cluttering already overburdened data centers. The MDX 9000 family includes two models -- the high-capacity MDX 9200 and the new MDX 9020 offering mid-range stream capacity. When deployed together in a content delivery network (CDN), these two systems cooperate to dynamically push popular content closer to the customer, freeing up capacity on the IP backbone and lowering delivery costs. Shaw's initial deployment of MDX 9200 systems will soon be expanded to include the smaller, MDX 9020 at the edge.

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