Simple.TV opens online store; international IPTV metrics sought

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> Simple.TV has opened its virtual doors online and is ready to take orders for its TV Everywhere product. Story

> Point Topic has suggested that there be a new set of metrics to "calculate the global extent and influence of over-the-top and managed IPTV services." Story

> French operator SFR has separated its phone and Internet service from IPTV as it takes a "modular approach" to its triple play offering. Story

> Antik Telecom has started selling IPTV set-top boxes that allow viewers to use "any Internet connection from any provider with a speed of at least 2 Mbps" starting with a package of 20 channels and growing from there. Story

> IDC, a Moldava operator working in the Transnistria republic, has introduced an archive service for its IPTV subscribers, enabling them to access TV content up to 14 days after broadcast. Story

And finally… Accedo acquired CloverLeaf Digital as a way to strengthen its TV application solutions. Story

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