Simulmedia taps FourthWall Media for demographic data

Advertising insertion technology vendor Simulmedia has announced a new deal with interactive TV widget developer and data collection vendor FourthWall Media to plug the data that FourthWall collects from set-top boxes into Simulmedia's targeted advertising platform.

Specifically, Simulmedia said the demographic data that FourthWall collects from residential set-top boxes will help it improve its  ability to increase cost-per-thousands of impressions on under-yielding cable network and cable operator inventory. This new arrangement comes after FourthWall has been working with a growing number of cable TV operators on interactive TV applications and widgets, but as targeted advertising begins to take hold, the data collection capabilities of the company's AdAim Network are also likely to be in demand.

Simulmedia said the demographic data collected by FourthWall will be combined with market data from other sources including Nielsen, GfK MRI and TiVo Inc. among others, all with the aim of enabling Simulmedia to improve the value of TV ad inventory, according to Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's founder and CEO.

While targeted advertising may finally be taking off, there appears to be a related jump in the value of research and data on market, demographics and usage activities that can help the cable TV industry optimize its efforts. While FourthWall has been busy over the last year, further evidence of the value of this data was on display last week when TiVo announced it would acquire TRA, Inc., a company that focuses on usage behavior research.

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