Skitter.TV targets independent telcos

Add Skitter.TV, an Atlanta-based start-up, to the list of companies jockeying for a piece of the IPTV (or is it TV-over-IP now?) revolution. Only, Skitter.TV is looking to help smaller independent telcos enter and stay in the race. The company offers headend hardware and software that supports encoding, delivery and monetization of Internet and broadcast TV services. Specifically, it's looking to get into the consumer living room (or family room or wherever and on whatever devices they're using) by partnering up with those telcos, many of whom have been juggling various options and ideas the last few years about how to best support TV services.

Skitter.TV claims it can reduce the risk and cost of launching IPTV for these companies with what it calls the Skitter.TV Internet TV platform and Skitter Acclaim video encoder, which encodes video from multiple sources--Websites, broadcast sources, cable TV networks--into both HD and SD streams simultaneously, in real time. 

Last year at this time, we were talking a lot about newcomers Vudu and Hulu. Will Skitter.TV skitter to the top of the buzz list this fall?

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- Here's the Skitter.TV press release

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